Scaphoid Nonunion Procedure

Scaphoid Nonunion Procedure

Treatment of a scaphoid non-union is dependent on several factors including the patient’s age, function, current symptoms (pain, stiffness), associated conditions, patient factors such as tobacco use / smoking, and their general medical condition.  Despite optimal treatment, unfortunately, some scaphoid fractures may fail to heal.  The goals of treatment include the re-establishment of a pain-free and functional wrist joint and to hopefully prevent later development of arthritis.

In cases without significant arthritis, the goal is to restore scaphoid alignment and to achieve bone healing.  Typically, this will entail surgery to clean out scar at the fracture site, possibly place some form of bone graft to encourage bone healing, and to stabilize the fracture with pins or a screw.  If  the scaphoid has collapsed (“humpback deformity”), a structural bone graft may be required such as from the iliac crest (edge of the pelvis) in order to restore the size and shape of the scaphoid.

For those fractures associated with advanced arthritis or for persistent non-unions despite reconstructive efforts, further surgery to heal the scaphoid may no longer be indicated.  In such cases, surgical and non-surgical treatment goals are focused on improving pain while maintaining a functional wrist.  Options for wrist reconstruction are determined by the stage of wrist arthritis; those areas affected by loss of cartilage may be removed or fused together, attempting to preserve healthy joints and their associated motion.  Such treatment may include radial styloidectomy (removal of a local piece of arthritic bone at the tip of the radius), proximal row carpectomy (removal of the proximal row of wrist bones), scaphoid removal and limited wrist fusion, or, in the case of widespread wrist arthritis, wrist arthroplasty (joint replacement) or total wrist fusion.

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