Cubital Tunnel Release


When symptoms are severe or do not improve, surgery may be needed to relieve the pressure on the ulnar nerve at the elbow. There are several options to relieve the pressure on the nerve including cutting the covering over the nerve, shifting the nerve to the front of the elbow (under the fat/muscle or within the muscle.   Some surgeons may recommend trimming the bony bump (medial epicondyle).

The surgery may be performed as an outpatient and following surgery, the recovery will depend on the type of surgery that was performed.  Your surgeon may place your arm in a long arm splint for a period of time.   Restrictions on lifting and/or elbow movement will probably be recommended for a period of time. Therapy may be necessary.

The numbness and tingling may improve quickly or slowly, and it may take several months or even up to 2 years for the strength in the hand and wrist to improve. Cubital tunnel symptoms may not even completely resolve after surgery, especially in severe cases.

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